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28814 Old Valley Pike, Strasburg, VA 22657
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IMG_8066.JPG The deal couldnot have gone smoother. As a younger guy, I always get anxious on a car lot.

They know I am young, and they are going to take my inexperience and anxiety all the way to

the bank. that wasnot my experience here at all. I came in with my initial offer in hand , and

immediately went on a test drive. The test drive was a pleasant experience, as the salesman

led me on a short loop that offered the range of different road types-avenue, highway,

residential, and speed bumps. There was no high-stress, upsetting sales technique. Their

sales technique is just simple communication.

This is my third car purchase, and my previous experience - it can take eat up a whole day to

buy a car. Including test drive, negotiations, updating insurance, driving to the bank, driving

back, filling paperwork , etc - I was in and out in about 3 hours. Absolutely stunning.

Its also a locally owned business, which is just a plus in my book.

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» " Absolutely stunning " file 7553
The deal couldnot have gone smoother. As a younger guy, I always get anxious on a car lot. They know I am young, and they are going to take my inexperience and anxiety all the way to the bank. that wasnot my experience here at all. I cam...  
85 "Impeccable Service" file 7795
"Impeccable Service" From start to finish, this was by far the best car buying experience I ever had. Pauline, who was my sales rep was extremely friendly and courteous throughout the whole process. Mr. Kim, the owner of the establishme...  
84 " Outstanding !!! " file 7620
We were absolutely pleased with Hankook Motors because of the outstanding service we received. Patrick Warren and Laura Davis went above and beyond to accommodate all our needs and allow us lo leave the dealership driving a car that we abso...  
83 " 한국자동차는 객지에서 만난 믿음직한 친구 " file 8318
한국자동차는 객지에서 만난 믿음직한 친구 2016년 6월 27일 1년간의 연수를 위해 처음 Dulles 공항에 도착했을 때 새로운 생활에 대한 기대감과 함께 막연한 불안감도 함께 교차했던 때가 떠오른다. 그 불안감은 집 구하기부터 시작해서 딸 아...  
82 "Perfect deal" - Icey1234 8662
I am still amuse how I was able to get such a great deal for less but guess what? This dealership is amazing and the choice you should make when you want yo get a great car and spend less then others dealerships. They are so fun, caring, and...  
81 "World Class Customer Service" 10259
"World Class Customer Service" I am inspired to share this little anecdote about Hankook Motors because the business sells fantastic automobiles while effortlessly offering an atmosphere of conscientiousness that connects with the customer. ...  
80 "Fantastic service " file 10538
I gave Hankook Motors a 5 star rating because I received great customer service. I emailed Pauline for about a month before my mom actually went to go get the car for me. The car is in excellent besides a few minor scratches & dings but ...  
79 " A Fantastic Deal " - Grant file 9803
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees I was extremely pleased with our experience at Hankook Motors. I typically prefer to buy cars from a private party, becau...  
78 * 그때도 고민없이 한국 자동차를 선택하게 될것 같읍니다 * file 9532
1~2년 정도의 짧은 기간 연수과정을 오시는 분들을 위해 저와 같은 고민이 있으실 것 같아 글을 남깁니다. 사실 한국자동차는 미국에 오기전 이미 인터넷 검색에서 제 눈에 들어온 중고차 딜러였습니다. 처음 뵌 사장님은 너무나 친근하게 미국 생활의 조언...  
77 * 한명 한명 고객에게 정말 최선을 다해 * file 9421
안녕하세요. 사장님께 차량을 구입,사용한 이성원 입니다. 지난기간 차량을 구입하고 서비스를 받은 것에 대해 결론부터 말씀드리면, 너무 만족스러웠습니다. 저와 같이 연수/교육 등 장단기간 체류자들의 경우 대부분 중고차량을 구입하게 되는데, 미국 생...  
76 " Hankook Motors is staffed with folks that genuinely CARE! " file 9737
Rating Hankook Motors with five stars does not do the dealership justice. It's more like a 10! The car buying experience was extremely welcoming, dedicated, and attentive. Mike Kim and John are true professionals and it is obvious that they ...  
75 "Great experience " file 9552
I bought a car at Hankook motors yesterday. I drove five hours to get there and it was worth the driving. I met this great salesman name Pat & MIke kim who are very down to earth and a true New Yorker with the most sense of humor. The st...  
74 * I was surprised that it was priced about right * file 10369
online car search ended at Hankook motors. When I found this car online I was surprised that it was priced about right and I wouldnot have to sacrifice on my wish list ! ( color, low mileage, sunroof, 4-matic,etc ) I would have loved to ...  
73 "As easy as smiling " file 10260
Team at Hankook Motors made the purchase of me dream car easy. This was a total surprise that I could get this car after loosing my business. I am really thankful for how they made sure this process was easy and rewarding. Great Job guys! ...  
72 "Effortless Purchase" file 9732
They have quick and diligent staff, which translated into an excellent purchasing experience. The dealership was transparent in all aspect. In example, the negotiation of the "out the door price" was upfront (no hidden fees). The sale ex...  
71 "Great experience " file 9587
purchased a Mercedes Benz ML350. People working in Hankook Motors are very friendly and helpful. They don't waste your time by offering you a high price and give you discount based on over priced vehicles. Their prices are very true base...  
70 짧은 미국 생활의 잊지 못할 추억의 한 켠에 언제나 자리잡고 있을 것입니다 file 9749
인연이란 생각지도 않게 찾아와 맺어 집니다. 사람의 인연도, 소소한 일상의 소품과의 인연도 다르지 않습니다. 소중한 인연은 쉽게 찾아오지도 않지만, 소중한 인연은 쉽게 이어갈 수도 없는 노릇입니다. 지난 2년여 미국에서 보낸 시간속에 맺어진 김...  
69 "First Time Car Buyer " file 9431
As a first time car buyer I had a great experience with the staff of Hankook Motors. I was introduced to Pat who helped me pick out the Toyota Camry I came looking for. He gave me great details about the vehicle that really helped narrow my ...  
68 * Super cool * file 9615
I have recently purchased a vehicle here and my experience thank god was like any of these reviews. I am just reading my experience was super cool actually because I really didn`t go in to purchase that day but my sales rep pat was totally r...  
67 "Great experience, great buy, friendly staff" file 9640
Staff is super friendly, vehicle's are exactly as described as online listing. Hassle free, great negotiations. Test drive is great, good price on sales. No sharks! Highly recommended.  

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