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TEL: (703)352-8949

IMG_3705.JPG Buying a car from Hankook motors was the best. I mean, where else can you find an adorable red Fiat at just the right price and

mileage that you are looking for ?

I recently went in and looked around their lot, and ended up buying my first car there. Mike Kim & Pauline were very helpful and

friendly. I was immediately approached when I was walking ground outside car browsing, and Pauline was happy to walk me through

a lot of options when I was still deciding what car I wanted.

I fell in love with a beautiful Fiat 500 that had only around 10.000 miles on it. Even though the car was not ready to sell yet,

Hankookmotors was sure to get the car ready for me in a very timely manner. As far as the car buying process, it was fast all things


The staff did a great job walking me through my options sa a first-time buyer. The price an almost new car was a steal, and the car

might as well be new. I have had the pleasure of driving the car a few months now and it works like a dream. I love Hankook motors

and appreciate their help with my beautiful car !

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137 * 저는 자동차 관련뿐만 아니라 다른것들까지도 많은 도움받았어요 * 14
한국모터스 강추입니다. 중고밴 사려고 알아보던중 우연히 지인으로부터 이지역에 오시는 많은 한국분들이 이곳을 이용한다고 듣고는 바로 연락드렸었습니다. 차를 매입하고부터 2년간 미국 머무는동안 자동차에 관해서는 사장님덕분에 맘편히 지냈습니다. 차...  
136 * 그래서 믿고 자신있게 가까운 지인에게 소개시켜 줄 수 있다.* file 67
한 마디로, 미국적인 특유의 세련된 서비스, 전문성, 시스템과 함께 동양적인 정과 세심한 배려, 맞춤식 서비스가 공존하는 곳!! 그래서 믿고 자신있게 가까운 지인에게 소개시켜 줄 수 있다. 특히 사장님의 열심과 진솔함, 긍정적 에너지가 기분을 좋게 해준...  
135 I have bought a few vehicles from Hankook Motors file 65
I have bought a few vehicles from Hankook Motors. Mr. Kim is a man of his words. He's very polite with his clients and treats everyone as family. His vehicles are clean and at a great value. I love my BMW X5 and I will definitely buy from hi...  
134 * Service was great and yet much appreciated * file 58
Service was great and yet much appreciated. A high standard of accountability and integrity. Very responsive and helpful. All of their support & advice were pleasant and excellent!!!  
133 * I have bought three cars from this dealer and I have loved all the experiences file 56
I have bought three cars from this dealer and I have loved all the experiences I had. Very courteous, understanding, easy to work with and the prices were outstanding. I loved all the people who were there. No pressure to buy, but makes you ...  
132 * 딸의 차, 남편 차 그리고 내차도 함께 구입했읍니다. * file 60
멋진차, 믿을만한 사람, 완벽한 서비스... 한국자동차가 갖고있는 장점이지요. 중고차를 사는 것은 처음이라 망설였는데 작년에 딸의 차를 이곳에서 구입한후 남편차와 저의 차도 함께 구입했습니다. 새차같은 중고차에 친절하고 믿을만한 스태프에 서비스까지...  
131 * Great service and Great deal. * file 58
f you find a car that you want at Hankook motors, you don’t need to waste your time trying other places for a better deal. He will surely offer the best. I sold my Acura MDX to Hankook motors in 2013, purchased my second car in 2016, and hav...  
130 "Great Experience" file 66
Very smooth transaction with Mik eand Laura, Pat everything explained clearly, very freindly staff, car in great shape, highly recommended. First time buying a car by myself after owning last car for 10 years, was nervous going in but they...  
129 * My experience couldn’t have been better.* file 72
My experience couldn’t have been better. Mike, Patrick, Laura, Pauline, Michelle and the New Guy were friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and went the extra mile each time I needed something. They followed up as needed and did a great job. ...  
128 *버지니아 쪽으로 오시는 분이 계시다면 강추하고 싶네요* file 178
1년의 미국생활을 위해 자동차구입은 가장 중요한 일중의 하나인듯합니다. 지인의 소개로 한국자동차에서 차를 구입하고 1년을 지내는동안 무료세차, 여행이있을때마다 자동차점검 등의 서비스는 물론 어떤 문의 등 최선의 서비스로 응대해 주셨습니다. 버지니...  
127 * 강력추천합니다.* file 261
언제나, 항상 친절하시니 믿고 거래 하셔도 됩니다. 주변 소개로 중고차를 구입하였습니다. 고객의 요구사항과 용도 등을 고려해서 합리적인(저에게는 너무나 저렴한 가격으로) 가격과 적합한 용도의 차를 권유하시기에 네고나 딜을 할 필요가 없습니다. 차...  
126 * 감사합니다. 한국자동차 ! * 275
미국에서 자동차 관련 일을 하는 분 중에 가장 솔직하고 가장 친절한 분을 만났습니다. 바로 한국자동차의 김태원 사장님입니다. 지인의 소개로 방문했는데 5년 정도 탄 자동차를 CarMax 보다 훨씬 더 좋은 가격에 팔았지요. 그 것 뿐이 아닙니다. 며칠 후 다...  
125 * 조금이나마 도움이 되고자 이용후기를 올립니다. * file 287
저 처럼 미국에 단기간 파견 오신 분들께 조금이나마 도움이 되고자 이용후기를 올립니다. 저는 1년간 워싱턴DC에 가족과 함께 파견오게 되어 김태원 사장님을 통해 한국 모터스를 이용하게 되었습니다. 주위에 미국에 단기간 파견 오신 분들이 차량 구입과 ...  
124 * I Have been buying cars for 40+years * file 294
I have been buying cars for 40+years. This was by far the best experience ever. In and out in very efficient manner. My highest recommendation.  
123 * Awesome experience * file 426
Awesome Awesome experience. Great selection of cars and services ! Great staff and Great managers ! Will recommend to all my friends. I have been driving for over 15 years and this has been my best car buying experience ever.  
122 "Good Experience Purchasing my M3" - cpacileo88 file 437
Pat, Mike and Laura were wonderful to deal with at Hankook. Pricing is right for the vehicles they are selling and they have very reasonable financing options for everyone. Having traveled over 5 hrs to purchase my vehicle, they made the ...  
121 "Great overall experience" - Luis file 817
Buying a car with them was a real pleasure. Pauline and Mike help me out through the entire process and did a great job for me. I was able to test drive a car for a good enough time to see if it was a right fit for me, and it was. Thank gu...  
120 * 사실 차량 구매는 어디서든 할 수도 있을 거에요. * file 906
미국에서 가족들과 안전하고 건강하게 생활해야 한다는 부담감을 갖고 공항에 첫발을 내딛었어요. 미국 생활이 처음인지라 세 명의 아이들을 데리고 잘 정착할 수 있을지 막막하고 걱정이 이만저만 아니었지요. 미국에서는 아이스크림, 과자 하나를 사려고 ...  
119 * 이후 제차는 보험회사의 inspection에 의해 폐차가 되어서 또 다시 차량을 구입해야 했는데 file 891
미국 경험이 처음이라서 모든 것이 낯설고 무엇을 어떻게 해야할 지 잘 몰랐습니다.특히 미국에서 없어서는 안될 차를 어떻게 마련해야 할지 막막하기만 했습니다. 우연히 지인으로 부터 사장님을 소개받았고, 괜찮은 중고차를 좋은 가격에 구입하게 되었습...  
118 "Competitive pricing, excellent customer service!" - R. Patel file 1032
Very professional and personal interaction with all the employees we worked with. The vehicle we looked at matched the advertisement and the pricing was excellent. Everyone was extremely helpful and provided all the information we needed. ...  

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